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Welcome to ARketing era

Wanna is a leading Fashion-Tech company that invented a hyper-realistic AR technology for trying on footwear and accessories. Its power was unleashed during the lockdown when it turned into a lifesaver for major brands that were desperate to tackle shopping barriers in the way of customers. In an instant, Wanna opened the door - on a global scale - for Gucci, Farfetch, Snapchat, Reebok and many others.

Such heady success required an immediate boost to their positioning. And we jumped on board to do exactly that by developing an innovative solution, framed within a futuristic design that matched both business and fashion criteria. While elaborating on positioning, we came up with the name for the whole industry and took up the leading spot in it.

May we present Wanna – Fashion ARketing.


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It all began when the Wanna design department pros approached us with a sudden revelation: "Seems like our own logo fades amidst the logos of our fashion partners, while our branding doesn't meet the level of major tech and fashion media outlets that often cite it. We need to maintain our look if we are to ride together with style icons like Gucci. It must be time to dig into this."

And so, we did. Hours of discussions with the Wanna CEO and Business Developer led us to the realization that fully-fledged rebranding is the way to solve several important business challenges altogether. The bar of our ambition was set high – to increase the number of partnership contracts severalfold.

We started our research knowing that Wanna was that key. We simply needed some factual proofs; thus, the search began. The journey into the Digital and & Immaterial theme turned into a truly fascinating journey into the future. On our way, we looked into hundreds of Augmented Reality & Fashion Tech & VR solutions and analyzed all possible global cases of collaboration between the fashion industry and digital products. Together with that a lot of work was invested into the analysis of the AR&VR market. Last but not least, we didn't simply define potential competitors, we also examined their strategies to predict possible threats.

The conclusion was indisputable – our future promises to be exciting, enriched with Wanna's technology helping shape the biggest online retail fitting tool on the globe.

In the locked-down world, all fashion brands needed was a key to the gates of online shopping thrills
We keep it as a rule that internal processes must never be neglected. We started by studying teamwork dynamics and thoroughly looked into the logic of sales as well as the steps the team takes towards building partnerships with clients. This was followed by a multitude of interviews with key team players, including business angels, heads of all departments and the actual product magicians – R&D builders and developers. In addition, in order to gain full understanding, we undertook scouting of Wanna's workspace and plunged into the nuances of the company's inner culture.

After combining our observations, we defined several potential points of growth, which were included in the action plan. As a result, the change of the product's name, domain address and brand-new content strategy became our first major transformative steps.

The team that delivers fashion straight to every gadget
To put it mildly, the process of working on the strategy was really unusual, because of the nature of the Fashion-Tech market that tends to change continually, close to the speed of light, 24/7. The scale of changes that happen in one year is simply unbelievable. That's why we aimed at creating a strategy able to survive and compete in a future that remains unknown, even to top experts. The niche is so new and so fluid that one of the insights we defined was an obvious lack of digital experience in the global fashion industry.

One conclusion was clear as a bell - AR Fashion Tech is primed to grow and develop, because of the expanding demand from both fashion and customer sides. So, we made the boldest move we could by naming this novelty niche Fashion ARketing and letting Wanna occupy the top position in it.

Wanna — AR Marketing for the new fashion

Wanna — fashion ARketing.
When strategy predicts the future
Vision first, brushes – second
Before grabbing our styluses, we, first of all, agreed on Wanna's brand Tone of Voice, Feel & Mood. The mood was combined from five major ingredients, such as Innovative, Logical, Simple, Bold and Humane. They were mixed meticulously in precise proportion. We were adamant that every piece of positioning and communication must be grounded in brand identity and contain multiple layers of meaning, which correspond to one of the five moods mentioned above.
To relaunch the brand properly we had to reboot the team's perception of their product by presenting the new identity, strategy and vision to the entire team.
A logo that speaks of innovation and carries itself with style
"Guys from Pocket Rocket helped us to redefine our business and communication strategy. Their professionalism, passion for work and experience were key to the success of new positioning "
Sergey Arhangelskiy,
CEO at Wanna
The Color & Grid system helps to create the innovative mood & arrange data
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"We expected our branding to be in live with the company strategic plan on expansion, and be ready to boost the awareness of our products. Pocket Rocket delivered that."
Dmitry Rogozhkin,
Head of Business Development at Wanna
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