Itrex. Redefining IT for 2020s
As a global top-notch IT consultant and software developer, ITREX provides its clients digital innovation expertise on the grounds of caring partnership.

Years of progress and success brought ITREX to a point for reevaluation.
It was time to update and broaden the companies branding and communication tactics. At this very moment, we forged a partnership to get top results. Their case required some deeper digging into the core of their challenge – an ambition to become an innovative global IT consulting and software development company both externally and internally. We came with an initiative to look inside their inhouse processes as well as undertake thorough research of all the factors underpinning international success.
To our major excitement, both young, ambitious and energetic B2B and HR teams rolled up their sleeves alongside us.
The brand in self-improvement mode

Brand platform & strategy
Employer brand strategy
Communication strategy

Brand identity
Concept development
Brand implementation & management

Digital product curation
Communication design
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Dozens of enriching hours of meetings, 7 rounds of deep interviews with employees at all levels, SWOT, EVP, and other analytical models later, we identified the key points that required improvement. The biggest of which was an obvious gap between the internal passion, professionalism and experience of the team and its outer communication, which frankly looked slightly…prehistoric. In addition, with our support, both teams figured out which in-house processes required structuring and simplification. After all, it became clear ITREX gradually needed to synchronize its inner awesomeness with its outer perception.
Researching the market space to map out all possible blackholes/voids
The quest for the right tone for communication was made in two different ways. We had to find equally efficient means of presenting the company to potential international clients while creating a unifying visual language for solidifying internal dynamics and recruiting new talent.

Common ground was found in boldness, ambition and hunger for more. We developed two sets of materials with different graphics and messages based on the following distinction. One of them was aimed at clients who are 'Hungry for Impact', while the other targeted potential employees and in-house professionals, who are relentlessly 'Hungry for clean Code'.Any moment ITREX feels hungry for a piece of communication, this creative template can be easily used. Such a strategy allows communication to be perpetually changing for various channels and needs.

Our moment of truth is when a brand receives its distinctive voice
After much contemplation, we decided that T-Rex – the beloved symbol of the company must remain, obviously after some serious makeovers. We realized this charismatic dinosaur can give the company its own roaring voice among competitors as well as provide the HR team with a fun tool to engage with existing and potential employees.

Needless to say, we looked for a dynamic yet solid visual style. In our tight-knit, enthusiastic partnership with ITREX, we went through several iterations and selected a business identity that reflects brand character better than anyone could imagine. A final minimalistic dinosaur symbol added a drop of cuteness to the otherwise daring design. The pattern resembles dinosaur's teeth, which sends the message about the company's sharp and confident outlook. Combined with charged colors and edgy typography, the meaning is clear - ITREX strives for leadership, innovation and digital superiority.

Giving character to a visually consistent communication style
The very moment the rebranding was launched at a Christmas party, a wind of change swept up everyone's imagination. We looked around and saw an upbeat, aspirational team, whose values and beliefs were fully incorporated into our accomplished work. And, even then, it was not the end, as we followed every step of strategy and identity implementation, curated the ITREX site relaunch, supported it with a reliable user guide that included every conceivable instrument for mac & pc platforms and entertained everyone with a collection of exclusive merchandise.
Long live, ITREX! We certainly helped each other evolve.
Boosting moods and providing tools for unstoppable growth
Entirely new
brand-voice and language
for global competition

A relevant minimalistic logo hints at the dinosaur's power
A relevant minimalistic logo hints at the dinosaur's power
Typography and grid as core blocks of the ambitious
brand's architecture
Digital look with the feeling of business that cares. Straight, simple
and clean.
Digital look with the feeling of business that cares. Straight, simple and clean.
Graphic rhythm that strikes from a distance
Graphic rhythm that strikes from a distance
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Attitude is in fashion, when you wear our Hungry merch
Attitude is in fashion, when you wear our Hungry merch
Global changes through
tiny details that matter
Guide as a comprehensive tool for consistent & guided growth
Guide as a comprehensive tool for consistent & guided growth
"Pocket rocket did a great job shaping our brand identity and visualise who we are, what we believe in, and what we aspire to be. The Pocket Rocket team is strategic, transparent, and easy-going."
Olga Borodina
Chief Marketing Officer at Itrex
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