Allur. New identity and strategy
for an automotive giant

Allur is the market leader in Kazakhstan's automobile business, offering services ranging from vehicle assembly to online car delivery to customers' doorsteps. Allur is constantly expanding its variety of services, driven by the objective of having a monopoly on mobility in Kazakhstan. The corporation now faces new challenges as a result of its extraordinary success.

Allur was willing to adjust its views on the domestic market of vehicle manufacture in Kazakhstan. The client had been building the business for over 18 years and required a brand identity as well as a solid strategy to maintain its leadership position in Kazakhstan.
The brand is gaining national recognition

Brand platform & strategy
Employer brand strategy
Communication strategy

Brand identity
Concept development
Brand implementation & management

Digital product curation
Communication design
260 hours of Zoom conferencing, 28 in-depth interviews with senior management, 105 focus group participants, SWOT, EVP, and other analytical models later. More than 13 days of riding throughout the country. Then, following a two-day strategy discussion, a few compelling possibilities emerged. And we were integrated into the client's corporate procedures.

According to the results of the final SWOT analysis, Allur's limited positioning awareness as a distributor and automobile manufacturer has kept them from being the national market's giant. After all, it was evident that Allur needed to create a unified mobility environment that would assist the brand become more visible and strengthen national identity.
Deep researching
of ethnographic principles
Evolving the strategy
for the future market leader
The strategy approach forced us to create a powerful national brand archetype. The solution was the mobility ecosystem, which assisted each Kazakh in achieving his or her goals. Our strategic research brought us to Kazakhstan - the Land of Roads – and its traditional colors and culture, as well as its history. We've developed a model that applies to all enterprises, including auto dealerships, manufacturing plants, and maintenance services. It proved to be the ideal start for the company's future growth.
A modern and simple logo,
inspired by continuous movement
Clear visual approach
to companies' many
An ecosystem packed in one flexible framework inspired by national ornaments
Bright social you won't stop scrolling
Guide as a comprehensive tool for consistent & guided growth
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